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What is Authoring Tool

Visual Approaches to Instructional Design, Development, and Deployment
A software program that may be used to create digital contents.
Published in Chapter:
Orientation, Functions, Navigation, and Experiences: User Interface Designs and Wireframes
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3946-0.ch004
The design of learning resources is both enabled and constrained based on the available technologies. To save on costly and effortful development, the design planning involves drafting user interface designs (orientation) and wireframes (which suggest how users would navigate the learning space and engage various functions). These early designs are enabled by drafting tools, wireframing tools, authoring tools, and hosted learning and content management systems. Ultimately, the designs are to serve the users and the ultimate designed learning purposes. To these ends, user interfaces/user experiences (UI/UX) are both considered important. This chapter explores design approaches to designing user interfaces and navigation in digital learning resources.
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Authoring Tools for Edutainment Environments to Design Active Learning Activities
Composition of an authoring shell and a user interface that allows non programming experts to build virtual learning environments.
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Do Current Standards Support Adaptive Sequencing Interoperability?
A software tool that helps a designer, hiding most of the technical details with a friendly user interface.
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T-Learning Technologies
Environment for applications creation without the need of programming and technical skills.
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The Future of Digital Game-Based Learning
An application ideally designed for non-programmers to encode educational content for a game for learning or interactive training system.
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Getting Started With Augmented Reality (AR) in Inclusive Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: An Extended Environmental Scan for Pedagogical Design Leads
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Structuring and Facilitating Online Learning through Learning / Course Management Systems
Software used by non-programmers to create and output digital objects like slideshows, animated tutorials, diagrams, and multimedia.
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Analysis of Platforms for E-Learning
A software application or program used by trainers and instructional designers to create e-learning courseware; types of authoring tools include instructionally-focused authoring tools, Web authoring and programming tools, template-focused authoring tools, knowledge capture systems, and text and file creation tools.
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Assessing Faculty Perception of PowerPoint as a Digital Content Authoring Tool: Going Beyond Presentations With PowerPoint
A type of software that is used to create digital output, for example, a word processor authors (produces) written documents, a graphic editor authors (creates) graphics.
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Exploring the Common Structures and Sequences of Real-World Online Learning Modules
Software used to create “born digital” contents (slideshows, animations, video, multimedia, and others) for presentation and learning.
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