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What is Backlash Effect

Macro and Micro-Level Issues Surrounding Women in the Workforce: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Women are ignored by the organization when their behaviors and styles are not associated with masculinity. In order to overcome that barrier and to be seen as fit for managerial positions, they behave in an agentic way (i.e., not communal but dominative). However, since agentic women are viewed as socially deficient, they become the subject of another discrimination and face another barrier.
Published in Chapter:
Gender Inequality in Work Organizations: What HRM Practices Mean for Gender Inequality
Safak Oz Aktepe (Bahcesehir University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9163-4.ch001
In this chapter, the author aims to present, through a review of literature, that the gender equality assumption of the human resource management (HRM) approach is not taken for granted. It seems there exist two sides of the same coin, one representing the HRM approach and the other representing the gendered approach to HRM practices. This chapter reviews HRM practices in work organizations as the potential facilitator of gender inequalities in organizations. In addition, the contentious function of HRM practices in maintaining gender inequalities within work organizations is reviewed. In spite of knowing the implication of HRM practices on being a gender-diverse organization, there remain few studies on the relationship between HRM practices and gender inequality in work organizations. Such research will add a different perspective to HRM practices and contribute to the awareness related to the gendered nature of organizations and their organizational practices.
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