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What is Basic Education

Handbook of Research on Curriculum Reform Initiatives in English Education
The system of education in Oman consisting of Cycle 1 (Grades 1-4) and Cycle 2 (Grades 5-10), complemented by Post-Basic Education (Grades 11-12), that was gradually introduced to the country’s government schools from academic year 1998/1999 as a replacement for the General Education system.
Published in Chapter:
Quality Assurance in English Education in Omani Schools: A Critical Look
Christopher Denman (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman) and Rahma Al-Mahrooqi (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5846-0.ch001
Quality emerged as an important consideration in educational contexts around the world more than three decades ago. However, providing quality education is no simple matter as there are many different perspectives about achieving this outcome. Despite this challenge, there is an increasing awareness in the Sultanate of Oman about the need to create and monitor education quality at all levels. In pursuit of this goal, Oman's Ministry of Education has implemented several important reforms which have encompassed all school subjects, including English. Basic education is one of the most significant of these reforms. To date, however, there is no indication of any significant improvement in English achievement levels in either schools or universities as a result of these programs. The aim of this chapter is to elucidate the challenges reported in the literature that face the provision of quality education at all levels in Oman. Opportunities for improvement and solutions to existing problems are also discussed.
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Basic Education Provision in Kenya's Urban Informal Settlements
Are all the educational programmes offered by institutions and ranging from pre-primary to primary and secondary. The basic education cycle would also include Adult basic education.
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COVID-19 and Remote Learning in the Philippine Basic Education System: Experiences of Teachers, Parents, and Students
This is the K-12 education system in the Philippines that has three levels, comprised of, primary education, junior high school, and senior high school.
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The Construction and Exercise of Teacher Agency in English Language Teachers From Northern Mexico
It refers to the education offered at preschool, elementary school and junior highschool levels, that is, to students between four to 15 years old.
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The Mirage and Reality of Special Education in Developing Countries
The initial nine years of schooling covering both primary and part of secondary education where learners engage in both formal and informal activities on learning fundamentals.
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Case Illustrations of 3D Printing in Brazilian Schools and Community
Stage of mandatory, continuous education aged 4 to 17, encompassing child education (2 years), fundamental education (9 years), and secondary education (high school – 3 years) totaling 14 years of education. High school cover regular and special education for youth and adults with disabilities and indigenous people.
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