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What is Power Consumption

Handbook of Research on Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, and Digitalization
Refers to the electrical energy per unit time, supplied to operate something, such as a smartphone. It is usually measured in units of watts. The energy used by equipment is always more than the energy really needed.
Published in Chapter:
Battery Efficiency in Outdoor Sports Environments for Mobile Pervasive Augmented Reality Systems
Rui Miguel Pascoal (Instituto Superior de Tecnologias Avançadas, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8482-8.ch030
This work analyses energy expenditure in outdoor sport environments with augmented reality technology. Battery efficiency is becoming a relevant topic in the context of the varied outdoor end-user services, among other realms. It is a key to the acceptance and use of mobile technology. In outdoor environments, battery efficiency can be low, especially when information based on close-to-real-time requires internet access and the use of sensors. Such requirement is today evident with the growth of internet dependence and multiple sensors, which perform both actively and passively via fitness gadgets, smartphones, pervasive systems, and other personal mobile gadgets. In this context, it is relevant to understand how energy is spent with the accelerometer, global position system, and internet access (Wi-Fi or mobile data) providing smart data for outdoor sports activities. Through a prototype, an analysis is made based on the current battery autonomy, and an algorithm model for better battery efficiency is proposed.
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