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What is Anaerobic

Handbook of Research on Inventive Bioremediation Techniques
A process occurring in the absence of oxygen.
Published in Chapter:
Bioremediation of Pharmaceutical Wastes
Alka Bali (Panjab University, India)
Copyright: © 2017 |Pages: 30
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2325-3.ch016
The astounding increase in the use of pharmaceuticals in the last decade has raised concerns over their occurrence in the soils and wastewaters posing potential dangers to the general public health and environment. Considering the limitations of chemical remediation measures in treatment of recalcitrant xenobiotics, several bioremediation measures are being currently investigated and proposed for removal of pharmaceutical contaminants from the environment. Several bacterial, fungal and plant species have shown promising bioremediation potential with regard to the removal of pharmaceuticals. Varying configurations of anaerobic and aerobic reactors have been utilized for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment. This chapter is intended to give a compilation and overview of the various types of bioremediation measures currently being employed or investigated to remove the pharmaceutical pollutants.
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Dyeing Processing Technology: Waste Effluent Generated From Dyeing and Textile Industries and Its Impact on Sustainable Environment
The process of treatment of water by using anaerobic bacteria in the absence of oxygen or air and converting the COD or organic matters in to simple biogas is known as anaerobic treatment.
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Climate Change and Its Impact on Soil Fertility and Life Forms
The absence of oxygen or the process operating without oxygen. The clay materials Soils compacted soil, wet or flooded soil tend to be anaerobic because these categories of soils are less oxygenated to do oxidative reactions.
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