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What is Blocks

Cross-Industry Use of Blockchain Technology and Opportunities for the Future
A block is a collection of data. And each piece of data is added to the Blockchain by connecting one block after another in a chronological way, much in the same way a row of a spreadsheet follows another row.
Published in Chapter:
Cross-Industry Use of Blockchain Technology and Opportunities for the Future: Blockchain Technology and Aritificial Intelligence
Dhanalakshmi Senthilkumar (Malla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous), India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3632-2.ch004
Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two disruptive technologies in the today's world; Blockchain can connect data storage and data users from multiple domains, and different kinds of analytics applications run on top of the data in artificial intelligence techniques. So that Blockchain technology provide the excellent backbone for the development of artificial intelligence algorithms, it is useful to secure the data input from multiple data storage locations and to have whatever applications running on top of the data in a Blockchain visible to everyone. The concept of Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence techniques together develop interesting uses cases and nice applications. When paired with Blockchains, AI is better understood by humans, operates more efficiently, and the blockchains in general more efficiently. AI and Blockchain together support B2B environment and getting better outcomes.
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Speech Therapy for Children Who Stutter: A Systematic Review
A type of dysfluency where the production of a sound/syllable/word is completely seized and the articulators are fixed in a specific articulatory position.
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