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What is Narration

Handbook of Research on Transmedia Storytelling and Narrative Strategies
Narration is a process based on the expression of real or designed imaginary events.
Published in Chapter:
Blogger Mothers as a Transmediatic Narration: An Examination on Transmediatic Narration Used by Blogger Mothers
Ercan Aktan (Aksaray University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5357-1.ch013
Individuals are facing message bombardments from many tools. In such a process, trying to reach individuals at any moment using different tools is important for the effectiveness of communication. This requirement led to a new process called transmedia. The transmedia storytelling, which is carried out in order to ensure that the messages planned to be transmitted in transmedia are even more effective, is one of the heavy-duty practices of this new process. This study was carried out in order to reveal how blogger mothers used transmedia storytelling practices, the difference of this use from traditional motherhood, and the role of transmedia storytelling practices in changing form of motherhood. In the study, blogger mothers were found to use transmedia storytelling practices heavily in order to influence their followers. It was also concluded that blogger mothers play the roles of heroines, friends, and dynamic and assistant heroines.
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Using Info-Graphics in Raising Consciousness to Confront the Newly Discovered Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Descriptive Study
Voice over communicational product commonly video; using it to entertain the audience and help them to understand the content.
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Urban Interior Design: A Relational Approach for Resilient and Experiential Cities
Sum of implicit and explicit content of a place suggesting to the user a variety of subjective experiences.
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Realizing the Potential of e-Books in Early Education
Voice of someone reading the printed text aloud. Often pre-recorded on software, but some e-books offer options to record your own voice as the narrator.
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Gender Construction in Transmedial Narration: Star Wars Transmedia and Fandom
A way of telling a series of events in such genres as novels, stories and fables.
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