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Handbook of Research on Wireless Security
EMC is an abbreviation for electromagnetic compatibility. This means interoperability, or an electronic device’s ability to operate in an electric environment without interfering other electronic devices (emission), and without being interfered by other devices in its vicinity (immunity).EMC is divided into two main areas: electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS). These two areas are again divided into two categories of phenomena: conducted phenomena and radiated phenomena. EMC testing comprises measurements of the emission generated on in- and outgoing cables, the emission generated as electric fields surrounding the device, immunity against several disturbance phenomena on in- and outgoing cables, immunity against electric fields generated by other electronic devices and radio transmitters, and immunity against electrostatic discharges generated by human intervention.
Published in Chapter:
Bluetooth Devices Effect on Radiated EMS of Vehicle Wiring
Miguel A. Ruiz (University of Alcala, Spain), Felipe Espinosa (University of Alcala, Spain), David Sanguino (University of Alcala, Spain), and AbdelBaset Awawdeh (University of Alcala, Spain)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-899-4.ch042
The electromagnetic energy source used by wireless communication devices in a vehicle can cause electromagnetic compatibility problems with the electrical and electronic equipment on board. This work is focused on the radiated susceptibility (electromagnetic susceptibility [EMS]) issue and proposes a method for quantifying the electromagnetic influence of wireless radio frequency (RF) transmitters on board vehicles. The key to the analysis is the evaluation of the relation between the electrical field emitted by a typical Bluetooth device operating close to the automobile’s electrical and electronic systems and the field level specified by the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive 2004/104/EC for radiated susceptibility tests. The chapter includes the model of a closed circuit structure emulating an automobile electric wire system and the simulation of its behaviour under electromagnetic fields’ action. According to this a physical structure is designed and implemented, which is used for laboratory tests. Finally, simulated and experimental results are compared and the conclusions obtained are discussed.
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