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What is Body Composition

Special Education Design and Development Tools for School Rehabilitation Professionals
Amount of fat mass compared to lean muscle mass
Published in Chapter:
Adapted Physical Education in the Special Education Process
Scott Mcnamara (University of Northern Iowa, USA) and Cheng-Chen Pan (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1431-3.ch004
Adapted physical education (APE) services have the same overall objectives as general physical education; however, adapted physical educators should implement accommodations and modifications to personalize the programs to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities. Because of the high levels of health disparity for people with disabilities, as well as cognitive and socio-emotional benefits associated with physical activity and exercise, it is crucial that students with disabilities receive high-quality APE programming. To give the readers a broad overview of APE and how it should be implemented, this chapter covers the following topics: physical education and physical literacy, the benefits of physical education and exercise for students with disabilities, federal laws in relation to physical education for students with disabilities, the role of adapted physical educators in interdisciplinary team approaches within the individualized education program process, and highlighting specialized teaching strategies and specialized equipment for students with disabilities.
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Issues of Health-Related Physical Fitness of the Adult Learner
This refers to the ratio of leans and fats that make up the human body.
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