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What is Boundary

Handbook of Research on Learner-Centered Approaches to Teaching in an Age of Transformational Change
A philosophical, ideological, and historical line that determines the limits of learner-centered approach.
Published in Chapter:
Learner-Centered Approach: The Historical and Ideological Boundaries of the Past, Present, and Future in Higher Education
Metin Kartal (Ankara University, Turkey) and Fatma Bıkmaz (Ankara University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4240-1.ch010
Literature on determining the historical and ideological boundaries of learner-centered education in higher education is gathered under the following four pillars: (1) the pillar of classicism, (2) the pillar of pre-modernism, (3) the pillar of modernism, and (4) the pillar of post-modernism. Of the four pillars, studies on how learner-centeredness could be utilized and leveraged in higher education are still scarce. Certainly, the construction and leverage of learner-centeredness in higher education are thorny and compelling without explaining these pillars. In this chapter, these four pillars of learner-centered education to empower the teaching in higher education will be elaborated and employed to find an ideological and historical perspective to the higher education.
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Boundaryless Work and the Role of Mobile ICT
Boundaries exist when there are two territories, spaces or areas whose limits or extent can be determined. They are defined as continuities and discontinuities. They are not sharp lines of demarcation, but they do reflect the specificity of different enterprises and an ongoing production of local identities and meanings.
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Comparative Evaluation of Crisp and Fuzzy Schemes to Solve Chemical Kinetic Models
The non-zero membership but not full membership in the set .
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