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What is Brainstorming

Handbook of Research on Assessment Literacy and Teacher-Made Testing in the Language Classroom
A process writing stage which aims is to recall prior knowledge or schemata.
Published in Chapter:
Ipsative Assessment of Essay Writing to Foster Reflection and Self-Awareness of Progress
Diana Jazmin Univio (Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia) and Andrea del Pilar Pérez (Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6986-2.ch009
Ipsative assessment to improve argumentative essay writing aimed at studying how an alternative type of assessment, which persuaded learners to reflect on the feedback received and involved them as active assessment participants, influenced the writing skill of 24 students from two Colombian universities. The queries addressed throughout the chapter were analyzing the way students structured their essays by means of the Ipsative feedback and the influence of the assessment approach on students at the self-management levels. Findings revealed that through Ipsative assessment students enhanced their argumentative essay writing as they grasped the structural and reflective nature of this skill. Furthermore, the comparison of various drafts allowed learners to reflect on their improvements at the same time they raised self-awareness of progress and the whole process took students to the realization that they were developing generic skills useful for academic discourse. This chapter was also concerned with the effects of Ipsative assessment on self-directedness and lifelong learning.
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TBS: Giving Case Studies a Twist
A technique to drop new ideas about a matter, where the participants propose briefly their suggestions which are discussed afterwards.
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Tools to Mediate Learning and Self-Assessment in a STEAM Unit of Work
The process of generating as many responses as possible in relation to a prompt. This may be undertaken individually or in a group.
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Virtual Writing as Actual Leadership
A rapid-fire free-associational listing of items according to a specific purpose.
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Tools for the Process: Technology to Support Creativity and Innovation
An idea generation process in which individuals or groups are instructed to generate ideas without criticizing or censoring themselves or one another.
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Bring the Media Literacy of Turkish Pre-Service Teachers to the Table
A group or individual technique of gathering ideas to reach for the better.
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Importance of Risk Management and Risk Management Process
It is a type of meeting where members of the team exchange ideas and produce new ideas.
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Strategy Development With Future Scenarios: Brainstorming for the Future of a University
A group creativity technique used to generate a large number of ideas for solving a problem or generating new ideas. It encourages participants to share and build on each other's ideas in an open and non-judgmental environment.
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Engineering for Interdisciplinary Collaboration
When a group works together to generate ideas, one person’s contributions may trigger ideas in the minds of the other participants while at the same time their ideas may also spark ideas in their own mind too.
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Music Composition for Creative Thinking: An Educational Experience Based on Creative Process
An idea generating technique. Its main goals are to break us out of our habit-bound thinking and to produce a set of ideas from which we can choose.
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The Impact of Pre-Writing Practices Among Writers From Multiple Academic Disciplines and Business Sectors
The act of generating many ideas to answer a question, solve a problem, or create something new.
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On the Relationships between Creative Learning, Creative Teaching, and Roles of Creative Teachers
A group creativity technique by which a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members is gathered to find the best solution to a specific problem.
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Fostering Collaboration in CSCL
A group technique aimed at enhancing the creativity and the production of new ideas; it is very useful for finding solutions to problems when the traditional approach seems to be unsatisfactory. Participants start talking about a topic or a real problem and they are asked to share their opinions freely so that everyone is able to express ideas linked to those already stated. Brainstorming can be carried out orally or in a written form, face-to face or online, and is usually moderated. The technique includes two phases; the first one is divergent, where the production of new ideas is stimulated for a fixed period of time; the moderator invites the participants not to pass judgment or to criticise and tries to enhance the discussion flow. The second phase, the so-called convergent phase, is aimed at selecting and evaluating ideas so as to identify and share the most interesting ones.
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