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What is Conscientization

Handbook of Research on Innovative Frameworks and Inclusive Models for Online Learning
Taken from the Portuguese term “conscientização,” which allows one to learn social, political, and economic incongruities as a necessary step to act against oppressive elements that cause inequalities.
Published in Chapter:
Researching Virtually: Toward a Critical and Sustainable Writing Pedagogy
Juland Dayo Salayo (University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9072-3.ch014
This authentic classroom narrative is a product of a drastic paradigm in classroom teaching, specifically in the conduct of research, which demands sustaining academic writing technicalities. However, integrating critical pedagogy seamlessly works with virtual researching as learners maintain active engagement through penetrating the social realities present in the walls of their virtual world. Understanding their society shapes and affects their learning experiences and becomes more meaningful and radical through problem-posing, conscientization, and dialogic engagement. The student-centered, informal, and action-driven approach allowed the learners to freely produce new knowledge following the methodologically influenced approaches of virtual researching. Authentic knowledge solves those identified problems through plans, and proposals to invite critical and sustainable actions. This shared narrative invites the ideas of critical and sustainable writing pedagogy necessary to activate learners' interest in the virtual world as they participate in positive social change.
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The Power of Storying Leadership: Untold Stories of Leaders of Color for K12 Leadership
When individuals develop, strengthen, and alter consciousness at a systems level.
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Buddhist Detachment as a Conceptual Point of Entry into Teaching Sociopolitically-Located Multicultural Education Online
The process by which one develops the ability think critically about issues of power in relationship to privilege and oppression in different spheres of influence (local, national, international, etc.).
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Social Foundations of Education and Service-Based Field Experiences: Critical Foundations for Socially Just Educators
The development of understanding and awareness of one’s position in social, political, economic, cultural, and historical contexts, with a particular emphasis on a critical understanding of one’s position in power, privilege, and oppression.
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