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What is Bureaucracy

Handbook of Research on International Business and Models for Global Purpose-Driven Companies
The controls that companies apply that restrict employees doing their work effectively.
Published in Chapter:
An Exercise in Liberation
Peter King (Independent Researcher, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4909-4.ch006
The chapter will be based on the experiences of a Colombian engineering company from 2003 through to 2013. The company was a local engineering office of an international oil services company based in Scotland but also, with substantial offices in USA and around the world. In 2003 the company was making a loss and in 2004 had to reduce down to 60 people. It had a traditional ‘command and control' approach to management. Over a period of 7 years, they developed a unique culture/working model which focused on allowing employees to contribute and participate in the running of the company and removed all bureaucratic barriers that restricted its employees from working effectively. The company grew to over 1,200 in 2013. The chapter proposes to explain how removing organization charts, eliminating policies and procedures, eliminating working hours, allowing employees to recruit new staff, manage their own holidays, and set their own salaries produced a purpose-driven and fully motivated and successful company.
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Distributed Leadership in Educational Training: Educational Leadership
A formal system of organization and administration designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
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Government Systems and Control of Bureaucracy
Term refers to an audience of public officials and rank officers tasked with ensuring the conduct of the state administration. Bureaucracy in general; specifies a specific form of organization and management.
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The United States Intelligence Community: Improving Interagency Interoperability
A form of organization characterized by a strict hierarchical structure and chain of command system and stringent division of labor that preserves uniformity.
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Patient Advocacy and the Policy Making Process
A model for public management and administration based on rationality, maintenance and legitimization of the legal power, hierarchal mechanisms, rigid definition of rights and duties, mechanical rules and procedures. In the bureaucracy there is a clear separation between the political and the administrative spheres: politicians set the goals of public institutions, while the bureaucracy gives them execution in a neutral way.
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Innovative Thinking Skills for 21st Century Librarians
It is a structural design in an organization in which ideas, suggestions and requisitions pass through some designated officers for their views for approval/disapproval based on the instituted ethics, budget, and rules and regulations guiding the organization.
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E-Governance for Socio Economic Welfare: A Case Study of Gyandoot Intranet Project in Madhya Pradesh, India
A well laid down structure (mostly known for slow work, discrimination and corrupt work practices) of the government to carry out the administrative functions of the state.
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