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What is Business Incubator

American Perspectives on Learning Communities and Opportunities in the Maker Movement
Process to support new businesses as they go through the steps of starting up.
Published in Chapter:
The Fairfield Makerspace
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8310-3.ch006
The Fairfield Makerspace is located in the green belt corn growing area in the southeastern portion of Iowa, USA. The town hosts the Maharishi University of Management (MUM), which is unlike any university in the Midwest in that most members of the university community practice transcendental meditation (TM). This practice has led to a general misunderstanding between the university community and those that do not practice TM. MUM opened the Fairfield Makerspace in response to the mistrust between the town and the university. The role of the makerspace is to find commonality between communities in the areas of making and sustainable living. The space was finding its footing as it began their first year of operation. Learning communities are formed through workshops and special meetups called Transformation Tuesdays, where members upcycle items. This chapter explores the Fairfield Makerspace.
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Creating an Ecosystem for Start-Up Scalability: A Russian Experience
A body that helps young entrepreneurs at all stages of a start-up: from creation to bringing a new product to market.
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Engaging With Stakeholders for Developing an Effective Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Universities Based in Rural Setup
Hatching focus gives a totally different startup environment for the youthful business visionary. Following might be the definition A stage where thought can be sustained into feasible business. Where you can get some master coaching. Assists with discovering starting assets and systems administration. Even though they help, however the new businesses need to accomplish their own work generally, they ought not hang tight for hatching focus yet should begin working any place and at whatever point they can.
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Fostering Resilience by Empowering Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in Local Communities in Post-Disaster Scenarios: The Case for Community-Based Tourism in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria
An organization that helps entrepreneurs shape their business ideas into startups and early stage companies, and/or accelerating their launch to the market.
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Business Education in the USA: Strategic Imperatives in the Age of Disruption
An organization engaged in the business of supporting and fostering early-stage companies (start-ups) at different developmental phases until the companies have sufficient capabilities financial, human, organizational and physical resources to function on their own.
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Local Authorities' Incubator as a Tool Supporting the Synergies Between Companies That Apply Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Enterprises
Facility established to nurture young (startup) firms during their early months or years. It usually provides affordable space, shared offices and services, hand-on management training, marketing support and, often, access to some form of financing.
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Implementing Acceleration Programs: Reflections for Academic Business Incubators Through a Portuguese Case Study
An organization designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through support in infrastructures, network, and services.
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Some Keys for Success in Higher Education: A Case Approach
Type of organization in which universities and enterprises collaborate to create and implement newly born companies ( start-ups ) in their first years of life.
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University-Industry Linkage Through Business Incubation: A Case Study of the IPN Incubator in Portugal
A tool for economic development designed to accelerate the growth and success of businesses through a broad set of resources and services to support new firms (infrastructure, specialized services, access to networks), most vulnerable in the early stages.
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Business Incubation in Malaysia: An Overview of Multimedia Super Corridor, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Incubators in Malaysia
An innovative system which is designed to accelerate the development and success of start-up firms by providing a broad range of resources and business services. Business incubators are primarily defined by nature of the incubator’s promoters, their objectives, the types of projects and services, the financial model and the environment in which the incubator operates.
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