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What is Case Method

Case Study Methodology in Higher Education
A teaching method using cases that focuses on skill development and team building through debate, presentations, and role playing.
Published in Chapter:
Case Study: Defining and Differentiating Among Types of Case Studies
Susanna Tardi (William Paterson University, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9429-1.ch001
Case studies have been widely used across a number of disciplines including health, business management, education, law, and in the social sciences. The purpose of this chapter is to define and differentiate types of case studies, discuss the pros and cons of single versus multiple case studies, explore the necessary processes for engaging in this technique, and explain how data is collected and analyzed. A variety of data gathering methods are discussed to identify the challenges to be confronted, and the skills necessary to engage in this methodology. The author identifies how qualitative and quantitative techniques are used in case study analysis. Methods to maximize researcher objectivity, reliability and validity are examined by focusing on data collection, document management, and data analysis.
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Use of Online Technologies, Open Hardware, and Open-Software for Advanced Architecture Design
A teaching mode in which students build their learning from the analysis and discussion of real-life experiences and situations.
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Evaluation of the Case Method with an Emphasis in Energy Issues and its Applicability for European Higher Education
The Case Method surges as a teaching strategy with the objective of making the students face the real world and learn through the analysis of real cases.
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Implementing TILT in Business Education: Content, Pedagogies, and a Generalized Toolkit
An instructional method where students learn by analyzing a (business) case and proposing solutions. The case details a business situation and is written with specific learning goals, such as illustrating certain business concepts or techniques. The case method can be implemented in various ways: individual or group exercise; static (based only on information in the case) or dynamic (students gather and use additional information).
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Strategic Orientation of the Managers of a Tunisian Family Group Before and After the Revolution
A qualitative method of access to reality. The case method combines two elements: the case itself and the discussion of that case. In this way, it makes it possible to account for the chronological sequence of events and also to evaluate and understand causalities and formulate an explanation.
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