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What is CBT

Automated Systems in the Aviation and Aerospace Industries
Computer-based training.
Published in Chapter:
Simulators as an Essential Tool for Shaping the Competence of the Aviation Personnel
Jarosław Kozuba (Silesian University of Technology, Poland) and Aleksander Sładkowski (Silesian University of Technology, Poland)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 43
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7709-6.ch003
The implementation of the aviation tasks, including the preparatory ones, is a difficult, complex task requiring from the aviation personnel a high level of general, technical, and specialist knowledge and a wide range of skills, appropriate to the type of technical tools and systems being at the disposal of the aviation personnel as well as the complexity and difficulty of their tasks. Particular importance is currently attached to the development of training devices used in the basic training and in-service training of the aviation personnel. The authors have referred to the role of simulators in achieving the desired level of specialist competence by flight personnel, including, among others, such issues as aircraft simulators development, and their application in the aviation training; aircraft simulators classification in accordance with current aviation regulations; essential functions performed by aviation simulators; flight simulator is an essential tool for basic and in-service training of the aviation personnel.
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Designing Mobile Applications to Support Mental Health Interventions
Cognitive behavioural therapy is a highly structured psychotherapeutic method used to alter distorted attitudes in order to change behaviour and emotional state.
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Therapeutic Approaches for Internet Addiction
Cognitive-behavioral therapy; it consists of three approaches: behavioral modification to control Internet use; cognitive restricting to challenge and modify cognitive distortions; and harm reduction therapy to address co-morbid issues.
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