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What is CEFR QualiMatrix

Navigating Innovative Technologies and Intelligent Systems in Modern Education
The Quality Assurance Matrix for CEFR use (CEFR-QualiMatrix) project aims to promote effective language learning by supporting teachers in engaging in curriculum renewal supported by the CEFR vision of teaching and learning.
Published in Chapter:
The Combination of Flipped Classroom and ICTs Towards Effective Instruction in an EFL Environment
Antonio Daniel Juan Rubio (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-5370-7.ch008
Differentiation is one of the major challenges an EFL teacher must face. Learning preferences and styles, readiness, interests, and all the specificities of each student should have an impact on planning instruction and assessment. Innovative educational approaches and methodologies seem to have at their core two fundamental aspects: the integration of ICTs (information and communication technologies) and the acquisition of competences through cooperation. These two key aspects are strongly related to the shift from Teacher-Centred Teaching to Learner-Centred Teaching. When investigating the fields of ICTs, project-based cooperative learning, and the student-centred approach, the concept of flipped learning turned out to be recurrent. In this chapter, the authors are going to expose how flipping the class using ICTs can allow teachers to respond to the diversity of interests, cultural backgrounds, academic readiness, and learning styles in an EFL environment to move away from one-size-fits-all teaching. The authors will also raise awareness on the challenges that had to be faced when flipping the class.
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