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What is Centralized System

Handbook of Research on Advanced Intelligent Control Engineering and Automation
A system where decisions for the system goal are made in a central mechanism and transmitted to executive components.
Published in Chapter:
Distributed Coordination Architecture for Cooperative Task Planning and Execution of Intelligent Multi-Robot Systems
Gen'ichi Yasuda (Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, Japan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-7248-2.ch015
This chapter provides a practical and intuitive way of cooperative task planning and execution for complex robotic systems using multiple robots in automated manufacturing applications. In large-scale complex robotic systems, because individual robots can autonomously execute their tasks, robotic activities are viewed as discrete event-driven asynchronous, concurrent processes. Further, since robotic activities are hierarchically defined, place/transition Petri nets can be properly used as specification tools on different levels of control abstraction. Net models representing inter-robot cooperation with synchronized interaction are presented to achieve distributed autonomous coordinated activities. An implementation of control software on hierarchical and distributed architecture is presented in an example multi-robot cell, where the higher level controller executes an activity-based global net model of task plan representing cooperative behaviors performed by the robots, and the parallel activities of the associated robots are synchronized without the coordinator through the transmission of requests and the reception of status.
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Disadvantages Boys in Public Schools in Kuwait Face When Compared to Their Peers in Private Schools
Education-related decisions made by the minister or undersecretary of the MOE.
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Trust Based E-Commerce Decisions
The concept of a centralized system is one which has a major hub or hubs which peers communicate with. This system allows peers to be freed from certain efforts, giving them to the central body. Maintaining easily accessed and accurately updated lists of information on all clients is one way in which a central body shines.
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Cockroach Inspired Shelter Seeking for Holonomic Swarms of Flying Robots
A master-slave based system where all information and commands are passed through the central unit (master). There is no sporadic sharing or decision-making amongst the local nodes without the central power being involved.
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