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What is Citizen Engagement

Democratization of Africa and Its Impact on the Global Economy
A form of interaction between citizens and their governments that is at the core of democracy and a representative government.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Transformation in Africa: Is Democracy Under Threat?
Maxwell Makhangala Maseko (Wits University, South Africa)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0477-8.ch019
Democracy in many African countries faces serious challenges linked to weak leadership, poor governance, malfunctioning state institutions, and slow or stagnant development. For these countries, the challenges can be attributed to an exploitative system rooted in colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism, and apartheid. Digital transformation and the global rise of digital technologies have created new opportunities to meet the challenges of democracy concerning citizen engagement, broadening public debate, increasing transparency and accountability, and improving service delivery. This chapter critically examines whether using digital technologies in political settings strengthens or weakens democracy on the continent. It highlights three main scholarly debates about using digital tools to address the declining quality of democracy. Data from various secondary sources was used to address the problem. The author found that digitalisation undoubtedly exposes democracy to new threats, but its benefits far outweigh the concerns.
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Citizens' Engagement Using Communication Technologies
Mechanism used to enhance the quality of policy making by redistributing power from authority to the citizens.
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Promoting Political Literacy Among Youth in the Sultanate of Oman: Challenges, Developments, and Recommendations
The active and often formalized involvement of citizens in the decision-making processes government that is generally is initiated and led by governments.
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The Role of Public Participation GIS in Local Service Delivery
The efforts by local government to involve citizens in all aspects of decision-making and governance, also known as public participation.
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Platform for Citizen Engagement for Good Governance in India: A Case Study of
It is an interactive two-way process that encourages participation, exchange of ideas and flow of conversation between the citizens and the government. It reflects willingness on part of government to share information and make citizens a partner in decision making.
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