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What is City Diplomacy

Maintaining International Relations Through Digital Public Diplomacy Policies and Discourses
City diplomacy refers to cities using institutions and processes to engage relations with other actors on an international stage, with the aim of representing themselves and their interests to one another. Especially today, city administrations and networks are increasingly active in the realm of transnationally relevant questions and issues ranging from the climate crisis to migration and the promotion of smart technology. As such, cities and city networks may seek to address and re-shape national and sub-national conflicts, support their peers in the achievement of sustainable development, and achieve certain levels of regional integration and solidarity among each other. Whereas diplomacy pursued by nation-states is often said to be disconnected from the citizenry, city diplomacy fundamentally rests on its proximity to the latter and seeks to leverage these ties “to build international strategies integrating both their values and interests.”
Published in Chapter:
An Analysis of Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality Activities in the Context of Public Diplomacy and City Diplomacy
Yasemin Özçakıl (Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli Üniversitesi, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5822-8.ch017
The process of diplomacy and public diplomacy activities is known as ensuring communication from state to state or from state to public. However, with the global world formed with the increase in technological developments, diplomatic relations have started to be carried out between cities as well as states. The organization of activities to ensure the interests of cities in the international arena and to increase the recognition of their countries is explained as city diplomacy. It carries out activities through local governments and municipal organizations to establish and develop permanent relations between cities and other countries. In this study, the activities carried out by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality are examined in the context of public diplomacy and city diplomacy.
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