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What is Clinical Reasoning

Next-Generation Applications and Implementations of Gamification Systems
The cognitive process used by health professionals, to collect and evaluate data and to make judgements about the diagnosis and management of patient problems.
Published in Chapter:
Petrha+: A Serious Game to Enhance Physiotherapy Students' Clinical Reasoning
Rui Macedo (Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), Claudia Silva (Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), Bruno Albouy (IRFSS Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France), Alejandro F. San Juan (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), and Tiina Pystynen (Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8089-9.ch007
Role play and simulated patients are tools frequently used in undergraduate physiotherapy courses to help students gain familiarity with what they will find in future real-life encounters. However, these approaches have limitations when it comes to delivering diversity and repetition to a large number of students and are mostly bounded to the school's premises. Web-based virtual patient software can help to overcome these shortcomings as they equally require students to go through most of the steps of the physiotherapy process, and simultaneously offer unlimited diversity of cases and repetition opportunities and can be delocalized from physical schools. PETRHA + is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership of European high education institutions aiming at the improvement of a web-based serious game prototype designed to enhance physiotherapy students' clinical reasoning using virtual patients. The objective of this chapter is the presentation of the background context that led to the development of the serious game, its design features, functions, and ongoing and future developments.
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More Results
Using Virtual Environments to Achieve Learner Outcomes in Interprofessional Healthcare Education
The ability for the learner to use previous knowledge and skills and apply those to a new situation.
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Professional and Career Development of Medical Students
Also known as clinical judgment; the process of obtaining history and physical exam findings (signs/symptoms), then processing this information to understand the problem(s), develop a differential diagnosis, and implement a management plan.
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Interpretation and Integrated Reporting of Bone Marrow Diagnosis
The process a clinician uses to analyze a clinical problem to reach a diagnosis, considering differential diagnosis. It is based on the clinician's knowledge and skills and continues throughout patient care as information builds up.
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Shake It Off: Emotional Keys for a Successful Performance in the Clinical Environment
Analyzing information for its relevance to reach a diagnosis and treatment for the patient, as well as making management decisions.
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