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What is Co-Citation Analysis

Handbook of Research on Digital Innovation and Networking in Post-COVID-19 Organizations
Type of bibliometric methods that identifies networks of interconnections between authors.
Published in Chapter:
COVID-19 Welcomes a New Variable That Influences Consumer Behavior: Anxiety
Alicia Blanco (Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain), Gabriel Cachón-Rodríguez (Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain), Ana Cruz-Suárez (Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain), and Cristina Del-Castillo-Feito (Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6762-6.ch013
COVID-19 has generated a context full of questions about the effects of mental health in the economic or social sphere. Significant changes in consumer behavior have been investigated. As consumers reduced their purchases in physical establishments and increased online purchases, retailers took measures to minimize health risks, but also to retain consumers. The objective of this research is to identify the intellectual structure of the research field on anxiety and consumption, including the main lines of research in the area, the sources of knowledge, and the connection points that are helping to spread this knowledge. To do this, this research uses a bibliometric methodology based on co-citations. This research concludes that academics must incorporate anxiety in their models and that companies must take this variable into account in the design of their business strategies. We have to legitimize anxiety as one more variable influences on consumer behavior.
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More Results
Citation Analysis and Theory
The study of pairs of citations, mainly for the identification of shared interests or themes.
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Social Innovation: An Introduction
A bibliometric analysis indicating the connections of dual publications which have been cited together frequently.
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Knowledge Management in Family Firms: Perspectives From Management Research
An exploration that involves identifying and analyzing the frequency with which two or more documents are cited together by other scholarly works. This reveals connections and relationships between those documents.
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Integration of Data Mining and Business Intelligence in Big Data Analytics: A Research Agenda on Scholarly Publications
Provides a forward-looking assessment on document similarity in contrast to Bibliographic Coupling, which is retrospective. The citations a paper receives in the future depend on the evolution of an academic field; thus, co-citation frequencies can still change.
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