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What is Code

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for Engineering and Engineered Materials
A set of rules and specifications for the correct methods and materials.
Published in Chapter:
An Overview of Welding Methods for Advanced Materials: Testing and Evaluation
Thiraviam Rayapandi (PT Saipem Indonesia, India) and Suresh P. (Muthayammal Engineering College, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9574-9.ch012
Recent developments in the engineering industry require joining of like and unlike materials with different properties such as melting point, coefficient of thermal conductivity, solubility, difference in electrochemistry, etc. as part of machines, tools, and more specific applications. Materials including those similar and dissimilar in nature are successfully joined by fusion and solid-state welding processes. In accordance with ASME Sec IX and AWS D1.1 codes and API 1104 standard, welding procedures specifications (WPS) through procedure qualifications (PQR) are required prior to commencing any fabrication work pertaining to pressure vessels, piping and pipeline, storage tanks, offshore platform structural parts, and so on. A specific welding process must be chosen based on the design of the component, the material, thickness, production, availability of equipment, people, and other factors. Weldment testing, including destructive and non-destructive examinations, are crucial during procedure qualification, welder qualification, and the production welding process.
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Institutional Isomorphism and New Technologies
The digital architecture which regulates the cyberspace, the complex system of software and hardware instructions defining Internet rules
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Code: A Tool to Repair Gender Gap in Digital Age
It is the computer language which is made up of a system of symbols and rules that serve as instructions for computer to develop apps, websites and software.
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Self-Directed Learning in the Age of Open Source, Open Hardware and 3D Printing
The step-by-step instructions that controls computers, programs, apps, websites or electronics.
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Performing the Internet: Post-Internet Folklore
A code is a set of rules that allow an initiated user to convert one type of information to another. There are many conflations in how the word code is used even though the contexts may be completely different; equivalence is frequently made between heuristics, algorithms, programming, and language. There are various technical terms for code instances that relate to their functionality in a utilitarian sense, for instance, source codes, dictionaries, and grammar. Every computer language has a defined grammar, which is interpreted by a compiler. The compiler digests semantic content and produces byte code, which the computer can execute. Sometimes an artwork carries with it a set of semiotics so obscure and hermetic that unless you actually understand the code involved, the meaning may be hidden from you. All societies are replete with social transactions and codes of conduct; such codes must be learned by the individual wishing to function fully within that society. Often in social or political settings, the elusiveness of “the code” is the intention.
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The Road of Computer Code Featuring the Political Economy of Copyleft and Legal Analysis of the General Public License
A set of instructions designed to cause a computer to perform a particular function or to produce a particular result.
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Web Accessibility
The Hypertext markup language and other scripting that underlies a Web page
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Why Teach Coding to Early Elementary Learners
To create a program in a specific programming language.
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