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What is Landmark

Handbook of Research on Geoinformatics
A notable building or location used in navigation to help orient oneself.
Published in Chapter:
Cognitive Maps
Stephen Hirtle (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 7
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-995-3.ch008
Cognitive maps are the representations that individuals use to understand, process, and navigate environments. The term cognitive map should not be taken as a literal metaphor as the internal representation will often violate principles of two-dimensional geometry, will rarely be either continuous or complete, and will often include non-spatial attributes, such as sights, sounds, or even aesthetic qualities, of a location. Research on cognitive mapping as made important contributions to both theory and application of geoinformatics by demonstrating how spatial information is acquired, structured, accessed, and schematized by the human information processing system. Theories of cognitive mapping have been expanded by through new frameworks, such as naïve geography, synergetic inter-representation networks, and geocognostics. Together, this body of research has provided a framework for the development of the next generation of user-centered geographic information systems.
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Information Places: Navigating Interfaces between Physical and Digital Space
A geographic feature or built structure that is easily recognizable, and is often used to assist orientation.
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A Survey of People Localization Techniques Utilizing Mobile Phones
A location characterized by specific values or patterns of sensor readings that can be used to uniquely identify the location during successive visits. Measured values can be specific to the local environment (e.g. electromagnetic signals), or related to how the location is accessed by the visitor (e.g. acceleration patterns observed when using a staircase).
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The Role of Landscape in the Representation of Portuguese Wine Producing Regions
A distinguishable feature (natural or artificial) that stands out from its surrounding environment.
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Virtual Learning Environments for a New Teaching Methodology
LM location of where you are in or you want to go. Give a Landmark someone will allow him to reach a certain place at any time.
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Cognitively Ergonomic Route Directions
Any entity in the environment that sticks out from the background.
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