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What is Collegiality

Handbook of Research on Virtual Workplaces and the New Nature of Business Practices
Mutually beneficial disposition of colleagues or peers toward each other, characterized by behaviors such as sharing, thoughtfulness, timeliness, reciprocity, helpfulness, and honesty.
Published in Chapter:
Leah A. Zuidema (Dordt College, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-893-2.ch007
The term parawork describes spaces and activities that function alongside—yet also outside—of traditional workplaces. Parawork spaces are not regulated by the workplace, but they are available for work-related activities. In parawork environments, it can be desirable to overlap the personal, social, and professional. Participating with others in parawork activities may not “get work done,” yet these interactions may facilitate professional identity formation, association with workplace and professional culture, and readiness to accomplish workplace tasks and professional goals. This chapter defines parawork, focusing on parawork enabled by online communication technologies. The author reviews literature that supports and informs understanding of online parawork. Through case study of one woman’s participation in an e-mail discussion list for teacher interns, the practical realities and possibilities of online parawork are considered. The chapter closes with conclusions about conditions necessary for effective online parawork, as well as implications for future research.
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Representation in 21st Century Online Higher Education: How the Online Learning Culture Serves Diverse Students
The friendly interaction and willing exchange among faculty and other participants in higher education.
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Inciting Grassroots Change
Three important aspects of collegiality are having the right and ability to participate in institutional affairs, being part of “a congenial and sympathetic company of scholars in which friendships, good conversation, and mutual aid can flourish,” and a sense of equality and worth among various disciplines ( Bowen & Schuster, 1986 , p. 55).
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Developing and Supporting Mathematics Teacher Educators Through Virtual Collaborations
The sharing of ideas, support, respect, and community among a group. Collegiality is related to respect and is about being courteous.
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The Balancing Act: Interpersonal Aspects of Instructional Designers as Change Agents in Higher Education
A spirit of cooperation and professional friendship between individuals who work together toward shared goals within an organization, even in instances (in this case) where all individuals may not be responsible for the same aspects of those shared goals.
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A School Model for Developing Access to Higher Education for African American: Social Capital and School Choice
The act of school personnel working together towards a common goal and understanding.
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