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What is Communication Protocol

Universal Codes of Media in International Political Communications: Emerging Research and Opportunities
System of rules that allows two or more entities in a communications system to transmit information via any kind of variation of a physical quantity.
Published in Chapter:
World of Uncertainty: How New Media Affects Communication on a Global Level and Required Adjustment to Expertise
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3808-1.ch005
The chapter dwells upon new media and its roots being in universal codes of media, including abiding by same basic rules as works of fiction known for having cult status, especially cult films. The use of deconstruction and reconstruction are seen and researched as two popular methods of new media which have a rich cultural tradition, explored here through the prism of universal code of media in international political communication. Additional related concern of chapter is decline of relevance of platform, which effectively derails existent hierarchy of media in recent times.
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Tools and Platforms for Developing IoT Systems
Communication protocols are formal descriptions of formats and rules for producing digital messages for electronic data exchange.
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Functional Safety of Distributed Embedded Control Systems
It is a set of rules defining the way to coordinate together between all the agents. The communication protocol is needed in a distributed system to ensure interaction between the different agents.
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Emergency Response and Post-Disaster Recovery Using Smartphone-Based Applications
Rules that allows two or more entities to follow a specific procedure for exchanging messages or interacting with each other.
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