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What is Communities

Handbook of Research on In-Country Determinants and Implications of Foreign Land Acquisitions
Comprised of one or several villages with a governing body regulated by a regulation or law.
Published in Chapter:
Compensating Landholders in Tanzania: The Law and the Practice
Godfrey E. Massay (Land Rights Research and Resources Institute (LARRRI/HAKIARDHI), Tanzania)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-7405-9.ch019
Most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Tanzania, liberalized their land policies in the early 1990s because of the pressure from neo-liberal institutions such as the World Bank and IMF. The 1999 Tanzanian Land Laws are hailed to be the most progressive legislations in the Sub-Saharan region in terms of decentralization of land administrative powers and protection of customary tenure. However, they are still hampered with both policy weakness and implementation challenges. The standards used in compensation are still weak and unclear and subject to arbitrariness. Consequently, foreign investors or the government in cases of public interest acquisitions can acquire land without fully compensating the landholders. For land holders to get fair compensation in Tanzania there is need for both legislative amendments and change in practice. This chapter explores the compensation of landholders in Tanzania.
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Agents and Implications of Foreign Land Deals in East African Community: The Case of Uganda
Comprise one or more villages and enumeration areas usually administered by recognized leaders or local council.
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Community Participation in the National Development Plan Through Primary Health Care: The Case of LGBT Organizations in South Africa
Are usually the ones who know and have experience about their health problems. In this regard, they are also the ones who are better positioned in guiding and informing PHC service providers in rendering solutions to these health problems.
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Mobile Virtual Communities
A set of individuals living in a particular area and/or sharing common interests. Communities promote establishment of collective relationships among individuals.
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