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What is Community-Based Learning

Supporting Children and Youth Through Spiritual Education
Used interchangeably with service-learning. See service-learning definition below.
Published in Chapter:
Fostering Undergraduate Spiritual Development in a Competitive, Digital World
Michelle Christine Sterk Barrett (College of the Holy Cross, USA)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6371-0.ch016
In recent years, psychological well-being among college-aged youth has declined sharply. While studies demonstrate a relationship between psychological well-being and spirituality, today's youth have fewer opportunities for spiritual development than prior generations. Increased pressure to achieve combined with increased use of technology leaves less time for spiritual reflection. Decreasing religious participation leaves fewer opportunities for the type of spiritual nourishment that previously existed. In this context, it becomes crucial for higher education to provide opportunities for holistic student development--including spiritual development. Because all undergraduates engage with academic coursework, it is especially important for faculty to consider what role they can play in promoting holistic student development. This chapter explores how spiritual growth occurs among undergraduates and explores pedagogical practices found to facilitate spiritual growth to ponder how higher education can effectively support the psychological well-being of undergraduates.
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Impacting and Influencing the System to Support Student Career Readiness, Voice, and Efficacy: Development of an Experiential Service-Learning Course
Provides space for students to engage in meaningful ways with their interests and to also tell their stories.
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Engaging Students and Communities Through Service Learning and Community-Academia Partnerships: Lessons From Social Marketing Education
A mix of instructional methods and approaches that focus on community engagement, bringing the classroom experience into local contexts and communities. Communities include profit, non-profit, and governmental institutions. Synonyms include community-based education, place-based learning, and place-based education.
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Multicultural Initial Teacher Training in Greece: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Migrant Education and Social Justice
A form of experiential learning that brings in contact people from formal educational institutions with people from the local community. It legitimizes every person as a potential source of learning for others.
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Partnerships between University and Adult Education Providers
Working through another institution to benefit all citizens.
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Informing Teaching Through Community Engagement: A New Zealand Approach
A pedagogical approach that engages learners in planned and supported activities in varied community contexts; guided by the view that such contexts provide access to particular knowledge and understandings not otherwise captured easily in formal classroom settings.
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