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What is Community-Based Tourism

Global Perspectives on Human Rights and the Impact of Tourism Consumption in the 21st Century
This represents a type of emerging tourism organized and managed by local community in its integrity.
Published in Chapter:
Human Rights and Workforce Conditions in the Tourism Sector
Osama Khassawneh (The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, UAE) and Zeynep Gulen Hashmi (National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8726-6.ch007
In this chapter, the focus is on the various challenges related to workforce conditions in the tourism industry and how human rights can play a role in alleviating these challenges. The chapter draws from a review of literature and offers a global perspective. Topics covered include the treatment of employees in the tourism sector, adherence to human rights and labor standards in the industry, the prevalence of mandatory and forced labor, collective bargaining, the use of child labor, fair treatment for all workers, and employee discrimination. The chapter will feature examples from different countries and conclude with recommendations for improvement.
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Application of Geoinformation Technology to the Management of Community-Based Natural Resources for Tourism Development in Northern Tanzania
Refers to the tourism activities planned and implemented on the land owned by the villages in partnership with the local community.
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Social Innovation and Cultural Tourism: A Review of Co-Creation Strategies for Sustainable Tourism
The set of tourism activities generated and managed by the local community, of endogenous origin, and whose benefits accrue to the territory in which it is generated. It is always linked to local tourism resources, both natural and cultural.
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Sustainable Tourism Development in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Case Study of Slovakia
Form of sustainable tourism that place great emphasis on the wellbeing of local communities as well in form of involvement of communities in the development of area through tourism.
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The Contribution of Tourism to Peacebuilding Processes: The Case of African Peace Parks
Tourism practice where the local community has a high level of control of the design and implementation of tourism activities, and the profits generated by these activities are directed to the members of the local community.
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Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems for Sustainable Community-Based Tourism Development in Albania: Case Studies of Community Tourism Development
Tourism activities involving the integration of local produce and local labor force into supply and value chain.
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Tourism of Community Base as an Instrument for Local Development and Social Innovation: A Case Study in the Extreme Coast West of Ceará, Northeast Brazil
The practice of this activity contributes to the conservation and development of a given region, with economic, cultural, and social benefits. It presents itself as a more democratic model of tourism that places local constituent subjects at the center of planning, implementing, and monitoring tourist activities.
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