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What is Computer Security

Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integration
An information technology definition term often referred to by several names, for example, information security (InfoSec), computer security, and information assurance. It includes the protection of personal and organization assets, which includes hardware and software. It includes the data that is stored on systems and the data in transit. It also includes management processes, procedures, and policies that are developed to protect these resources, for example, a disaster recover plan, a business continuity plan, and so forth.
Published in Chapter:
Understanding Computer Security
Steve Brown (Capella University, USA)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 7
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-881-9.ch144
During the last several years a great deal has been written in academic and trade journals that has focused on security. There are several different terms often used, but the following—information security (InfoSec), computer security, and information assurance—are typically meant to be the same, that is, the protection of data, although information assurance is also expanded to include aspects such as personnel, plant, and equipment. While one main theme that has been written has been to improve the effectiveness and understanding of security, apply the various security concepts learned and understand the technologies developed, it is important to recognize that computer security may take on different meanings, dependent on the context that it is being discussed. Computer security is a very large field, and one that is often misunderstood. When we discuss computer security, are we discussing our personal computer at work or home? Are we discussing portable devices, such as mobile devices like Blackberries, PDAs, or laptops? Are we discussing security laws and regulations that might impact the safeguard of personal information, or could we be discussing, designing, and implementing, a risk-based security plan for an organization? It is therefore difficult to discuss computer security unless it is discussed in a frame of reference. Therefore, this paper will discuss some of the issues and concerns of computer security in different frames of reference, and the importance of teaching security with that focus in mind.
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Design and Implementation of a Distributed Firewall
Techniques and measures used to protect data stored in a computer or circulated on the network from unauthorized accesses. Among the security tools, we find firewalls, intrusion detection system, antivirus, data encryption, and passwords systems.
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Disaster and Digital Libraries in Developing Countries: Issues and Challenges
This implies all legitimate means used to prevent and detect unauthorised access to a computer network.
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Water Management for Rural Environments and IoT
Area of study related to the protection of computer systems from harmful interference, potentially damaging to hardware, software or other data, eventually leading to information theft, misdirection of services or other unlawful events.
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Security Concepts, Developments, and Future Trends
A generic name for the collection of tools designed to protect data and to thwart hackers.
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