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What is Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fifth Edition
The concept of operations (CONOPS) of the American Political System begins with the US Constitution. Though there is also the notion of political parties and their role in offering ideological brands based on or relating to a system of ideas and ideals, especially concerning economic or political theory and policy. The extent to which party brands align with what the “Framers” had in mind is open for debate.
Published in Chapter:
A Good American President
James George (Archway Publishing, USA), Abdullah Murrar (Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA), Pankaj Chaudhary (Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA), and James Allen Rodger (Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 28
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3479-3.ch107
This chapter describes political engineering at an atomic level, that is, addressing what makes a competent elected official and using the office of president of the United States as an example. The authors published a series of books and associated papers that presented the overall construct in applying systems engineering and information technology to improving government systems and performance. Here is a demonstration in applying concepts to help citizen-voters strengthen their ability to analyze and evaluate the candidate and incumbent performance with a standard approach and criteria. Since political parties have a responsibility in vetting candidates bearing their brand, the authors encourage political leaders to focus on improving their process because citizens depend on them for candidate quality and integrity. Being a part of pluralistic democracy is a serious responsibility that requires continuous improvement.
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