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What is Conceptual

Applied Linguistics and Language Education Research Methods: Fundamentals and Innovations
Based on ideas or principles.
Published in Chapter:
Reviewing the Literature
Anh Thanh Nguyet Le (Dong Thap University, Vietnam), Ngan Phan Thu Vo (Dong Thap University, Vietnam), Thuy Diem Hong (Dong Thap University, Vietnam), Anh Tram Ngoc Lu (Dong Thap University, Vietnam), and Nguyen Thi Cao Bui (Dong Thap University, Vietnam)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-2603-9.ch002
This chapter will cover the principles and procedures for conducting a literature review, following an introduction to the meaning, needs, nature, and objectives of such a review. It is critical for researchers to understand the importance, reasons, and outcomes of literature reviews. One essential step for researchers is to assess whether their topic is researchable before deciding to pursue it. The chapter will then delve into the steps involved in conducting a literature review, which includes searching for existing literature from diverse sources such as books, journals, and the internet, and developing a theoretical and conceptual framework. These steps will be explained in detail in this chapter.
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Framework for Evaluating Written Explanations of Numerical Reasoning
Fully developed understanding that reflects reasoning founded on the intrinsic mathematical properties of the components of the task with or without describing a specific procedure.
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“Conceptual Reverse Engineering” of Online Learning Objects and Sequences for Practical Applications
Reverse Engineering: A structured process of analyzing a digital learning object or sequence and interpreting what resources, costs, planning, and other elements were invested in building the object.
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