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What is Conceptualization

Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches in Management and Organizational Strategy
The process involving the identification of the meaning of a concept, or construct (i.e., ideas that represent the phenomenon) in theoretical terms.
Published in Chapter:
Toward a Conceptualization of Organizational Modularity
Ayberk Soyer (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey), Umut Asan (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey), and Özgür Utkan Eriş (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6301-3.ch018
Organizations are complex systems made up of many different elements interacting with each other. One particular form of organizational design, emerging from the need to deal with organizational complexity and environmental uncertainty, is modularity. There are several studies in the literature dealing with organizational modularity. However, neither a common definition nor a complete measurement model is proposed for this concept. What are the common properties of an organization characterized as highly modular? How are these properties related to organizational design parameters? None of these questions have been adequately addressed in the literature. Thus, this chapter aims to identify the common properties of an organization which can be considered to be highly modular and to propose a theoretical conceptualization of organizational modularity based on a framework originally linking Baldwin and Clark's visible design rules with Mintzberg's organizational design parameters and provides a suggestion for operationalizing the concept of organizational modularity.
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A Cognitive Style-Inclusive Approach as a Means of Learner-Centered EFL Teaching Mode Implementation
The comprehension of grammatical and contextual use as well as the cultural load of a new lexical item.
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Toward a Novel Human Interface for Conceptualizing Spatial Information in Non-Speech Audio
Task for visually impaired persons to construct categories by capturing spatial information cues in nonspeech audio
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The Conceptualization and Assessment of Problematic Mobile Phone Use
To describe a scientific idea or theory in relation to refer to a specific topic, in this case problematic mobile phone use.
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Teleuts' Family and Kinship Ties: Socio-Demographic Background and Linguistic Analysis
One of the most important processes of cognitive activity of the human consisting in judgment of information arriving to him and leading to formation of conceptual structures in a brain of the person.
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Ontologies for Guaranteeing the Interoperability in e-Business: A Business Economics Point of View
A conceptualization is an abstract and simplified point of view of phenomena of a real world situation, which is interesting for subjects in the attainment of their aims.
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Cultivating Critical Thinking Amongst University Graduate Students
The process of defining a word or term in order to gain a common understanding of its meaning.
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The Nomological Network and the Research Continuum
Refers to the theoretical process by which researchers move from ideas or constructs to suggesting appropriate research operations.
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Nonspeech Audio-Based Interfaces
It is the result of spatial structure categorization after processing the visual, aural, or echo information captured in nonspeech audio cues.
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A model of reality, a generalized abstraction of particular items. Example : A radio exists physically, but when conceptualized it exists symbolically as some form of knowledge representation: a word, picture, diagram, graph, or formula.
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