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What is Contemplative Practices

Interventions, Training, and Technologies for Improved Police Well-Being and Performance
A term that encompasses a broad array of mind-body practices with their roots in a variety of wisdom-based traditions, including but not limited to mindfulness, other meditation practices, yoga, prayer, and some martial arts (e.g., Tai Chi and Qigong).
Published in Chapter:
Introducing Mindfulness Training and Research Into Policing: Strategies for Successful Implementation
Daniel W. Grupe (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA), Chris Smith (Academy for Mindfulness, LLC, USA), and Chad McGehee (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6820-0.ch007
The introduction of mindfulness practices into law enforcement has the potential for broad benefits for police officers and community members alike, but the impact of this work depends on careful consideration of contextual factors specific to conducting research and training in this population and environment. This chapter provides an overview of the authors' experiences over the past five years adapting, delivering, and studying the impact of mindfulness training in a Midwestern U.S. police agency. The authors detail strategies and practices that have proved beneficial in the implementation and uptake of this training. Themes that are addressed include developing diverse and meaningful partnerships, preparing outside researchers and trainers to work in a police context, adapting mindfulness for policing, and logistical issues. Key considerations for the future of mindfulness in policing include the challenge of widespread implementation and expanding the focus of research and training to encompass community well-being.
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A New Border Pedagogy: Rethinking Outbound Mobility Programs in the Asian Century
The practices, such as mindfulness, for developing capacities for quieting the mind.
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My Freedom Framework: Mitigating the MESS of Higher Education Through ACTS of Liberation
Everyday actions that result in a deeper level of connection, communion, or awareness with self, others, or an environment.
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AI-Augmented Developmental Instruction for Improving Contemplative Practices in the Face of Complexity
The discernment of a situation or challenge for appropriate action makes use of contemplative practices involving holistic and deep patterns of thought (mindsets) associated with sense making and determining courses of action. Contemplative practices are supported by internal mental processes involved with metacognition associated with thought processes and awareness of one’s own cognitive strengths and weaknesses, knowledge about how to interpret the nature or type of challenge encountered, sense-making of new information, employment and switching of mindsets suitable to a challenge, with means to ultimately judge performance.
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