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What is Entertainment Industry

Handbook of Research on the Impact of Culture and Society on the Entertainment Industry
Industry that includes leisure and entertainment activities.
Published in Chapter:
Contemporary Art Museums' Marketing Strategies: The Case of the Istanbul Modern Art Museum
Zeynep Guney Celebi (Galatasaray University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6190-5.ch021
Contemporary art museums are significant actors in the entertainment industry, which is recreated by new forms of leisure time activities every day. Entertainment that is used as an important and effective marketing tool in contemporary art museums is also a significant formative of the new relationship between contemporary art museums and their visitors. Therefore, the aim of this chapter is to explore the relationship between art, entertainment, leisure, and museum marketing with a literature review in order to find answers to questions like, What is the relationship between art and entertainment? and Which marketing techniques are used by contemporary art organizations? In this context, the relationship between leisure, entertainment, and contemporary art museums is explained; afterwards, contemporary art museums' marketing strategies are described in detail as the main scope of the study. Finally, as a case study, Istanbul Modern Art Museum's political-economical environment and marketing strategies are analyzed.
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Virtual Singers Empowered by Machine Learning
Businesses that provide people pleasure.
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Historical Epic as a Genre in Popular Turkish Cinema
A subject including all kind of business which provides entertainment.
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New Portrayals of the Arab World in TV Series
The sector that includes cinema, video games, television, music, etc.
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The Impact of TikTok on the Viralization of the Entertainment Industry: The Netflix's Series Case
The entertainment industry is a branch that encompasses several spheres involving performing arts, namely film and television.
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Rewarding Work, Representing Work: The Serious Side of Entertainment in Globalised Award Shows
The set of enterprises or businesses that produce entities (such as films and video or computer games) and events (such as theatre performances and award shows) that give individuals the opportunity to feel an emotion or emotions.
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