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What is Remote Laboratory

Developing Technology Mediation in Learning Environments
Use of telecommunication means to remotely conduct laboratory experiments with real measuring devices and real object of investigations.
Published in Chapter:
Continuity in the Development of Technical Thinking
Jaak Umborg (Estonian Aviation Academy, Estonia) and Anne Uukkivi (TTK University of Applied Sciences, Estonia)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1591-4.ch006
This chapter addresses the development of students' technical thinking using modern technological tools. The aim of the chapter is to show for academics of technical subjects how to increase the efficiency of the learning process with the help of ICT according to the realization of the requirements of the basic principles of didactics. Emphasis is placed on the need for consistency between general education and higher education institutions (HEI) in designing and developing technical thinking and the structure of the technical thinking and its components and how different components of thinking vary in different learning methods. The use of virtual and augmented reality learning environments to enhance student interest and learning motivation and to develop spatial thinking is discussed. Many didactic opportunities and economic advantages of using a web based remote laboratory (RL) and virtual laboratory (VL) are discussed.
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Assessment for an Unprecedented Education
An expression used to describe the reconfiguration of laboratory assessment based by simulated experimental environment convergent with “learning by doing” paradigm. The data collected in pandemic contains and reinforces various experiences connected with remote real laboratory: an innovative tool, software, networks or telecommunications, lab reports (in and on virtual space), remote experimentation, qualitative metrics (indirect interviews and surveys), web remote laboratory, remote architecture, part of VISIR (Virtual Instrument Systems in Reality), online workbenches, etc.
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Virtual Laboratory to Face New Challenges in the Industry: Virtual Laboratory as Part of the New Education Age
A physical laboratory that can be accessed via remote. Secure and low-risk access is enabled by a web system in order to teleoperate specialized equipment.
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Remote Teaching Laboratories in Science and Engineering
An interactive environment offering in situ access to real laboratory equipment, devices, and instruments via a computer network
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Virtual Practices, Virtual Laboratories, and Virtual Internship Experience in Engineering Training
Virtual laboratory which can provide access through the Web browser to the real equipment in a real laboratory. This virtual laboratory allows to send control commands which can be preprocessed in order to do not damage the real expensive equipment, to execute experiments in a real laboratory on the real equipment, and then to collect experimental results.
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