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What is Global

Handbook of Research on Using Global Collective Intelligence and Creativity to Solve Wicked Problems
Refers to worldwide, international, intercontinental, whole planet connectedness, even universal. Global refers to all nations across all continents of Earth being considered in the same context.
Published in Chapter:
Creative Accelerated Problem Solving (CAPS) for Advancing Business Performance
Cookie M. Govender (University of Johannesburg, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2385-8.ch005
Businesses are automated, complex, unpredictable, operating in a global marketplace with limited collective creative problem-solving intelligence for advancing performance. This chapter explores how business advance and succeed, by maximising individual creativity and problem-solving abilities. Literature reviewed in the last two decades revealed the latest evolving business trends, allowing for compared human versus automation performance, compared ROI and risk of innovative business factors, compared business beneficiary intelligence to consciousness levels, and correlated co-creative intelligence elements of psychomotor, cognitive and affective intelligences to engagement, awareness, and changed behaviour skills. A CAPS model is a management cascaded solution for co-creating business intelligence by enhancing individual creativity using these 15 elements: consciousness, know yourself, brain knowledge, imagination, problem solving, creative thinking, speed reading, mind maps, mind management, memory skills, responsibility, goal setting, stress, success, and accelerated learning.
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Global Learning in Agriculture: Cultivating Global Competency in Agricultural Educators and Global Impact in Agricultural Education
An approach that encompasses understanding, addressing, and integrating the complexities of issues, trends, and practices that impact and connect individuals and communities across the entire world. It emphasizes interdependence, cross-cultural understanding, and collaborative efforts to solve universal challenges, preparing students and scholars to think critically and act effectively in an interconnected and rapidly changing global landscape.
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Testing Stereopsis in Children
A type of stereopsis test using random dot stereograms which make it only achievable in a patient with bifoveal fusion and high-level cortical stereopsis.
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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: Effects and Strategic Perspectives in Organizations
Also known as globalization, similar to Multinational Organizations, Organizations distributed at international level associated in the manuscript with global market for ERP software, global marketplace.
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Reengaging Texts, French, and Cultural Narratives: A Teaching Model for Crosscultural Communication in the Experiential Humanities
Relating to phenomena (e.g. events, ideas, trends) that take place on a worldwide scale but that are reflected in local phenomena.
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Developing Equity Literacy through Diverse Literature for Children and Young Adults
Connotes international and world perspectives. This gives students the learning opportunities to be exposed to countries other than their country of origin, birth or residency.
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