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What is Creative City

Handbook of Research on Creative Cities and Advanced Models for Knowledge-Based Urban Development
Ideal model encouraging a culture of creativity in urban planning and solutions to urban problems. It has become a global movement that inspires a new planning paradigm for cities and it is related to the concept of learning cities.
Published in Chapter:
Cultural Creativity and Social Inclusion in Creative Cities: Preliminary Indicators
Rehab Abdelwahab Askar (Independent Researcher, Egypt)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4948-3.ch013
According to the theoretical framework, this chapter examines the role of cultural capital in achieving social inclusion in creative cities and discussing the impact of creative cultural economy and cultural diversity in achieving knowledge-based urban development requirements. The author relies on showing the tangible and intangible forms of cultural capital represented by the urban and cultural assets possessed by the new administrative capital of Egypt (study model). The author then submits an analysis of the strategic urban cultural policies in an attempt to predict a set of preliminary indicators related to the possible forms of social and cultural inclusion and the anticipation of the social, cultural, and economic impacts of cultural creativity on the quality of life and Human security in creative cities.
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Which Sociology of Urban Tourism in the Day After Viral Society?: For an Intercultural, Intermediary, and Inter-Methodological Hybrid and Open Research
Model of urban space that brings together culture, creativity, and the transformation of the city. This stance highlights, among other processes and practices, intercultural cities, city psychology, creative bureaucracies, and the measurement of creativity in cities.
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How do Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Influence Growth and Development?: The Case of the Slovak Republic
Is a territorial unit where economic, social, cultural and political networks develop because of favourable conditions that stimulate different forms of creativity.
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Creative Clusters of Urbanized Cities as a Factor for Increasing Global Economic Efficiency
One of the base forms of creative spaces organization, which have emerged in the world economy. Creative cities aim to shape the local innovative environment, with the products and services made there to be introduced primarily in that very city agglomeration. It is a modern-day paradox that with almost unlimited Internet access and ever-increasing number of virtual offices, almost all major technology companies still tend to concentrate in compact urban mega centers such as London, Berlin, San Francisco, Helsinki and others.
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