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What is Cultural Resources

Handbook of Research on Global Business Opportunities
Cultural Resources are cultural values, rites, norms, or actions which lead in a subculture to a common understanding and which can be used to legitimize meanings, interpretations, and actions.
Published in Chapter:
Cultural Management for Multinational Enterprises
Christian Zuber (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany) and Hans-Christian Pfohl (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
Copyright: © 2015 |Pages: 32
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6551-4.ch004
Due to the dynamics in international business, it has become increasingly complex for the Multinational Enterprise (MNE) to find a balance between worldwide standardisation of operational processes and the usage of local advantages. The foreign subsidiary's managers and employees are stuck in the middle of environmental requirements, defined by the parent company on the one hand and the local social environment on the other hand. To ensure organizational efficiency in foreign subsidiaries, the rising conflict between corporate and country cultural characteristics can be solved through active cultural management. This chapter describes fundamentals of culture on corporate and country level and deduces a framework for cultural management. Furthermore, strategies are presented to close the gap between a subsidiary's external requirements and the internal implementation.
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Assessing the Use of Archaeological Sites as Cultural Tourism Resources: The Case of Segóbriga (Spain)
Cultural Resources (CR) are the goods that have been valued and transformed by human activity or knowledge.
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The Nature and Scope of Cultural Heritage Resources Management in South Africa
Cultural resources are all unique and nonrenewable intangible (spiritual) and material phenomena (natural or made by humans) that are associated with human (cultural) activities. This includes sites, structures, and artefacts to which an individual or group attaches some value with regard to its historic, archaeological, architectural, spiritual, and human (cultural) development.
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Moving Towards Sustainable Cultural Tourism Experiences: A Participatory Journey – The Stakeholders Perspective
Cultural assets that exist on a particular site and have particular characteristics capable of attracting visitors.
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