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What is Cultural Mismatch

Critical Perspectives on Social Justice in Speech-Language Pathology
The phenomenon of cultural mismatch occurs when the majority of teachers come from a different cultural background than the majority of students they are teaching. The current research on cultural mismatch is in response to the increasing demographic changes in students and the resulting conflict between their teachers. This conflict is reflected in the poor outcomes of students and the difficulty in retaining teachers. To compound this issue, many young and inexperienced teachers are placed in schools with a majority minority population, often finding themselves unprepared for the difference in life experiences between them and their students. These differing experiences can lead to an inability for teachers and students to communicate with each other; the resulting frustration leading to discontent with the school system, by all concerned ( Cultural mismatches can also occur outside of the educational environment when the person in a position of power is from a different cultural background than their subordinates. For example: clinician and client relationships, boss and employee relationships, academic advisor and advisee relationships, political representative and constituent relationships.
Published in Chapter:
Grassroots Organization and Justice Through Social Media
Christina Navas (Independent Researcher, USA), Vivian Tisi (Independent Researcher, USA), and Tamala Close (Independent Researcher, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7134-7.ch013
This chapter will provide the reader with information on the importance of grassroots organization in addressing social justice issues for speech-language pathologists (SLP). The authors provide background information on the use of social media to promote social justice efforts. The chapter also identifies and discusses the development and implementation of two online platforms that have been effective in raising awareness about the importance of diversity, advocacy, and social justice issues in the field of speech-language pathology. It provides the reader with important information on the issues and problems in the field of SLP that led to the development of the two online platforms and the processes involved with developing them. Finally, the chapter concludes with a description of previous and current goals and outcomes, along with future endeavors of both platforms and recommendations for others who are interested in using social media as a tool to transform professional environments to facilitate justice within the discipline and society.
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Multiculturalism in Special Education: Perspectives of Minority Children in Urban Schools
When there are incompatibilities between the home culture and the school culture. For example, in the African tradition one is expected to put his/her head down and not look at the teacher while she/he talks to him/her. In the Western culture eye contact is the norm when being addressed.
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