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What is Cultural Understanding

Handbook of Research on Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education
The ability to understand and communicate with people from other cultural backgrounds.
Published in Chapter:
Non-Native English-Speaking Students' Perspectives of Culture, Language, and Academic Success: Narratives of Graduate Students in the Southern United States
Maja Stojanovic (Louisiana State University, USA) and Petra A. Robinson (Louisiana State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5268-1.ch011
The chapter examines how non-native English-speaking graduate students perceive academic success and possible linguistic and cultural challenges in graduate schools in the United States. Data were collected from six in-depth individual face-to-face interviews specifically to understand the complexities and nuances in the perceptions of non-native English-speaking graduate students related to their academic success and possible challenges they face that may be caused by the lack of native-like language proficiency. Students' perceptions revealed the importance of cultural and language training for key stakeholders. Graduate schools as well as those teaching multicultural classes, among other stakeholders, should utilize this information to help modify English language programs and curricula for current and new students.
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Utilizing Generative AI With Second-Language Users and Bilingual Students
Gaining a deeper appreciation and comprehension of different cultures, traditions, and perspectives through language learning, promoting intercultural communication and tolerance.
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