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What is Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Voicing Diverse Teaching Experiences, Approaches, and Perspectives in Higher Education
A pedagogy grounded in educators' displaying cultural competence in their curriculum.
Published in Chapter:
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Praxis of a Latina
Sara Mata (Newman University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9000-3.ch011
This chapter explores how the intersectionality of identity becomes a vital component of teaching and learning. Pedagogy infused with practices to include the background and understanding of the student can serve as an empowering approach of critical consciousness. Drawing from the work of Paolo Freire and Gloria Anzaldua, the author weaves the fundamentals of their theoretical perspectives with personal experiences and stories to provide insight into the foundational approach of educational purpose and philosophy.
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A Comparative Study on the Curriculum in the Community-Based Chinese Heritage Language (CHL) Schools and Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program
It affirms students’ differences and diversity. It requires teachers to use knowledge, prior experiences, frame of the references, and performance style of ethnically diverse students to make learning more relevant and effective to them.
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Becoming an Intersectional Educator: A Developmental Spiral of Critical Consciousness
An approach to teaching and learning established by Gloria Ladson-Billings (1995). CRP focuses on strengthening student’s cultural awareness in order to help improve their academic achievement, this is also defined as Culturally Responsive teaching.
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Strategies for Teaching Online Higher Education Courses With an Eye Towards Retention: Choosing a Culturally Responsive Path
Pedagogy that empowers students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and politically—using cultural referents to impart knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
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Cultural Biases in Transitional Writing Courses and Their Effect on Hispanic Students in Texas
Teaching practices that incorporate and sustain a wide variety of teaching methods and materials relevant to the diverse cultural backgrounds of students, particularly of students from historically underrepresented cultural backgrounds.
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Fostering Active Learning via Critical Pedagogies: Applying Reflective Research
Acknowledging and understanding the backgrounds of the students of color.
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Strategies to Support Teachers in Designing Culturally Responsive Curricula in Online Learning Environments
Lesson design intended to address the needs of diverse multicultural student populations.
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Reclaiming the Multilingual Narrative of Children in the Borderlands Using a Critical Integration Approach: A Case Study Highlighting Multilingual Capital in the Curriculum and Classroom
Culturally relevant pedagogy is a pedagogy ( Ladson-Billings, 1995 ) grounded in teachers’ display of cultural competence. This competence is displayed by student-centered approaches to teaching in which students’ unique cultural strengths are identified and nurtured to promote student academic identity and well-being.
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The Dispositions of Diversity: Practical Methods for Instructional Practice
Coined by Ladson-Billings in 1995, culturally relevant pedagogy refers to education in which teachers help students of color by accepting and affirming their cultural identities, rather than considering children’s deficits.
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Exploring Technology Through Issues of Social Justice
A teaching pedagogy focused on students’ academic success, cultural competence, and critical consciousness.
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Student Teachers' Experiences of Cultural Diversity During Student Teaching: A Journey to Developing Culturally Responsive Classrooms
A teacher’s ability to display cultural competence and demonstrate a student-centered approach. Through culturally relevant pedagogy, a teacher uses students’ intellectual abilities to impart knowledge and skills so the student can develop to their full potential irrespective of racial and ethnic background.
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From Praxis to Theory: Mentoring Programs for Underprivileged Students in India
Is an educational practice that takes into consideration the cultural backgrounds of students and uses those cultural referents to impart skills, knowledge and understanding. By using culturally relevant knowledge and frames of reference that acknowledge and affirm the unique cultural identities of the children, learning becomes more effective and meaningful for them.
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Building Culturally-Competent School Practices in Rural and Small Cities: Recommendations for Practice
A pedagogy rooted in cultural competence that encourages students to relate to curriculum through their cultural context.
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The Relationship between Transformational Leadership Characteristics and Multicultural Education Practices in Teacher Educators
The theoretical framework by Gloria Ladson-Billings relating to specific knowledge about ones thinking, believing, learning and communicating lending towards the education process.
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Reimagining Teacher Education: Racial Literacy and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in the Virtual Age
A pedagogical approach where a student’s culture is recognized and acknowledged in the classroom.
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The Critical Language Reflection Tool: Promoting Critical Reflection and Critical Consciousness in TESOL Educators
A pedagogy of collective empowerment characterized by academic success, maintenance of cultural competence, and development of critical consciousness ( Ladson-Billings, 1995 ).
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Developing a Children's Literature Course to Facilitate Pre-Service Teachers' Understanding of Culturally Relevant Texts
A theory created by Ladson-Billing (1995) AU27: The in-text citation "Ladson-Billing (1995)" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. that recognizes the importance of including children’s cultural references in all aspects of learning.
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Culturally Responsive Pathway Pedagogues: Respecting the Intricacies of Student Diversity in the Classroom
Teaching that integrates a student’s background knowledge and prior home and community experiences into the curriculum and the educative experiences that take place in the classroom.
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Home-School Pathways: Exploring Opportunities for Teacher and Parent Connections
To use elements of the children’s lives outside the classroom to inform and enhance curriculum. This includes critical literacy, looking at pedagogy from the lens of mainstream and other cultures to ensure relevancy and equity.
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Teaching Across the Demographic Divide With Latinx Texts on Immigration
Theory that supports students in understanding and celebrating their culture and seeking to use practices that challenge injustices.
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Empowering the Voices of Young Multilingual Learners in the ESL Classroom
Theoretical framework that focuses on engaging culturally and linguistically diverse students through asset-based instruction and connections between educator and student.
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Strategies and Reflections on Teaching Diversity in Digital Learning Space(s)
A theoretical and practical pedagogical approach advanced by Gloria Ladson-Billings emphasizing student achievement, acknowledgement and affirmation of student’s cultural identities, and critique of sociopolitical dynamics influencing deficit-based perspectives and unequal educational outcomes.
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From Movie Theaters to History Class: Captain America: Civil War and the US Civil War
Teaching curriculum, instruction, and practices that relates to the culture and lived experiences of the students receiving the instruction.
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Translanguaging in the Multilingual Language Classroom
A pedagogy with a focus on empowerment; a culturally relevant pedagogy constantly looks for student success without diminishing the importance of maintaining and appreciating their own cultures and heritages. This type of pedagogy contributes to the acknowledgment of home communities as well as their knowledge and practices.
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