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What is Curriculum Development

Handbook of Research on Cultivating Literacy in Diverse and Multilingual Classrooms
The changes in white paper documents that decide the content and focus of school subjects in a given country.
Published in Chapter:
Linking Criticality and Creativity: Engagement With Literary Theory in Middle Grades English Education
Jessica Allen Hanssen (Nord University, Norway) and Maja Henriette Jensvoll (Nord University, Norway)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2722-1.ch013
This chapter provides specific examples of how current English teaching practices can further engage what can be seen as an interpretative and creative link between comprehension, opinion formation, and language production. Based on awareness of English Language Teaching (ELT) trends in Nordic textbooks and national curricula, with particular respect to curricular developments and trends in Norway and in other Nordic countries, the authors propose specific changes to the subject contents of English education to better prepare future teachers for the exciting prospects of integrating multiliteracy in their lessons through a new emphasis on criticality. To this effect, this chapter provides a new practical model that can help streamline the sprawling interdisciplinarity of critical theory into a manageable and readily applicable context for working with literature during English lessons.
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Revolutionizing Content Creation and Curriculum Development Through Generative AI
It entails the planning and organization of educational programs, including the selection of learning objectives, content, and evaluation techniques.
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Change Agency in Global Higher Education: Operationalising Inclusion and Diversity Through Strategic Curriculum Development
The process of planned, purposeful, progressive and systematic processes in order to create a demonstrable improvement in the delivery of academic programme content.
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Curriculum Implementation and Teacher Motivation: A Theoretical Framework
This is the initial stage of curriculum processes whereby curriculum specialists sit down to propose innovative and creative suggestions for various educational experiences and programs.
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A Framework for Integrating Artificial Intelligence Into Library and Information Science Curricula
Refers to step-by-step process used to create positive improvements in courses offered by a university.
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Curriculum Development Models for Quality Educational System
Refers to decision-making process on the why and how to produce a quality framework of curriculum models to be used at various education levels for varied specific purposes as a means of attaining excellent educational system.
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MOOCs: A Three Dimensions Analysis of Impact in Higher Education
Curriculum development is the process of designing and creating structures for instruction in formal education. It is based on pedagogical approaches and learning goals. It covers a broad spectrum from structuring a career program to designing classroom lesson activities.
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Curriculum Development and Scientific Research
It is the organized preparation of whatever is going to be taught in schools at a given time in a given year.
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A Module for General Education Curriculum Development in Chinese International Universities: A Practical Example Concerning Law and Morality
a working process of determining curriculum objectives through demand analysis, then selecting teaching content and related teaching activities of a certain discipline or multiple disciplines for planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating and revising to finally achieve the objectives. Four parts are usually included: curriculum objectives, curriculum content, curriculum implementation and curriculum evaluation.
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Utilization of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Nigerian Technical and Vocational Education: A Conundrum for Educators
The process of designing, planning, and implementing educational programs and courses to meet specific learning objectives and outcomes.
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