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What is System Resilience

Handbook of Research on Civil Society and National Security in the Era of Cyber Warfare
System resilience is an ability of the system to withstand a major disruption within acceptable degradation parameters and to recover within an acceptable time.
Published in Chapter:
Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure Protection: Public Private Aspects of Resilience
Denis Čaleta (Institute for Corporate Security Studies, ICS-Ljubljana, Slovenia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8793-6.ch014
The globalisation of the world, and thus indirectly of security, poses serious dilemmas for the modern society about how to continue basing its development on the fundamental requirements related to the free movement of goods, services and people, and, on the other hand, about how to keep threats at an acceptable risk level. The emergence of asymmetric forms of threat to national and international security is based on completely different assumptions and perceptions of the basic concepts of providing security. The changing social conditions and tensions caused by the rapid technological development found particular social environments totally unprepared for confronting the new global security situation and, above all, the newly-emerging complex security threats. The integration of critical infrastructure protection processes into a comprehensive system of national security provision at the national and consequently the international level will be a very demanding project in terms of coordination and awareness of the necessity or regulating that area. In addition, it will represent a very significant shift in the attitude and mentality of all the participants involved. This paper addresses in detail some important dilemmas and factors which have a strong impact on the level of awareness, cooperation and confidence of all partners in the public and private environment that share the need for the protection of critical infrastructure.
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