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What is Dark Web

Cyberbullying and the Critical Importance of Educational Resources for Prevention and Intervention
Also called darknet , black web , or black net , is a part of the internet that is accessible only through specific software such as the Tor (“The Onion Routing” project) or I2P (“Invisible Internet Project”) browsers and which often doesn’t use standard communication protocols and ports.
Published in Chapter:
Cyberbullying and Social Networking Sites
Gilberto Marzano (Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Latvia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8076-8.ch003
Media pay considerable attention to episodes that involve children and adolescents and the internet. Usually, the excessive time spent on social networking sites is highlighted as the principal source of risk for cyberbullying as well as for the various types of cyber addictions that can develop. Anonymity is reported to be one of the principal factors that favor cyberbullying, whilst sexting and homophobia are indicated as being among the principal circumstances that bring victims to commit suicide. In this chapter, some relevant aspects of the use of social networking sites will be illustrated and some notions regarding how the internet works will be introduced. Other questions, such as the spread of cyber hate and online incivility will be discussed, and a case of the incautious use of Facebook by a higher public education institution will be reported. Many concepts highlighted here will be useful in the following chapters in which strategies for the prevention of cyberbullying will be considered.
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Cognitive Systems for Dark Web Cyber Delinquent Association Malignant Data Crawling: A Review
The dark web is the material of the Web that can only be accessed with certain software, setups, or authorizations. Darknets are overlay nets that utilise the Internet.
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The Dark Side of Engaging With Social Networking Sites (SNS)
The dark web refers to a number of anonymously hosted websites on the deep web which are accessible by using specialized software to hide the internet protocol (IP) address.
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Dark Web and Its Research Scopes
It is regarded as the subset of deep web and is accessible only via special browsers known as onion routers. Thus, the sites within it are those with URLs ending in .onion. This part of the internet offers the user the highest level of anonymity. This in turn has proven to be a reason for proliferation of illegal activities in dark web.
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An Analysis of Industry 4.0
An underground marketplace consisting of a series of obscured websites that are accessed using anonymization techniques such as The Onion Router network.
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Crime Hidden in Email Spam
Refers to websites that exist in an encrypted network that cannot be found by regular search engines and cannot be visited through regular browsers.
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Dark Web: A Breeding Ground for ID Theft and Financial Crimes
The hidden layer of the Internet comprising of sites that are only accessible with specific technologies and encryption processes to protect the identity of the individual browsing or posting content.
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Dark Web: A Boon or a Bane
The part of world wide web that allows its users to remain anonymous by the use of specialised software to mask their online presence.
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Cybersecurity Legislation
The deep is a small part of the deep web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through ordinary web browsers. Internet users are unable to access this portion of the web without using browsers dedicated to providing absolute anonymity to users. The dark web has become a haven for criminal activity.
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World of Uncertainty: How New Media Affects Communication on a Global Level and Required Adjustment to Expertise
Parts of world wide web inaccessible by usual means, requiring specific software. Apart from assorted hubs house blatant illegal activities such as drug, gun, and human trafficking.
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Regulating the Internet
A part of the deep web that uses hidden services to promote anonymity and prevent unauthorized access.
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Fake News, Hate Speech and Nigeria's Struggle for Democratic Consolidation: A Conceptual Review
Fake, dangerous, malicious, contents shared viral on social media and other internet, or web sites.
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Cyber Crime Regulation, Challenges, and Response
The dark web is part of the web that is not accessible on general search and can be accessed through specific hosting servers. It consist of the information and tools that are illegal by criminal, terrorist.
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Intimate Partner Cyber Abuse Viewed Through the Lens of Criminology
Areas in cyberspace operating outside of the purview of law enforcement and internet regulations which provide ample opportunities for digital criminal enterprises to exist.
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Socio-Political Considerations of Informing Technology in the 21st Century
A part of deep web that is intentionally hidden and that requires specific software and authorization to access.
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