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What is Corporate Image

Integrated Marketing Communications, Strategies, and Tactical Operations in Sports Organizations
The public mindset regarding an organization.
Published in Chapter:
Decision Factors in the Strategy of Sports Sponsorship in Spain
Guillermo Sanahuja Peris (Universitat Jaume I, Spain), Magdalena Mut Camacho (Universitat Jaume I, Spain), Eva Breva Franch (Universitat Jaume I, Spain), and Carlos Campos López (Universidad de Extremadura, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7617-4.ch001
This chapter responds to how companies decide their sports sponsorship strategy. Initially, a theoretical review was carried out on the actual research to date on the subject, which led to fieldwork that combined quantitative and qualitative techniques. In the first place, the managers and executives of 40 Spanish companies were surveyed. In the qualitative phase, discussion groups and in-depth interviews were carried out. The results obtained have been divided into findings for large companies and SMEs, respectively. The main finding has confirmed that sponsorship has basically a strategic motivation at its onset and an economic one in its execution.
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Explaining Consumer Behavior in the Hospitality Industry: CSR Associations and Corporate Image
Mental picture that springs up at the mention of a company´s name. It is a composite psychological impression that continually changes with the firm´s circumstances, media coverage, performance, pronouncements, etc... Similar to corporate reputation it is the public perception of the firm rather than a reflection of its actual state or position. It is the result of multiple and diverse messages that, accumulated in the collective memory, draw a global meaningful concept able to affect and predict individuals´ behavior.
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Emerging Trends in Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility Communication
Corporate image differs from corporate identity. The corporate image expresses the stakeholder perception of a company. The implementation of public relations is useful to create and support the corporate identity and to generate an image in publics’ minds. This involves managing harmful media narratives. The final scope of a company is to reach the accurate alignment of corporate identity with corporate image, so that stakeholders perceive the company just as the organisation needs to be seen ( Gray & Balmer, 1998 ).
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Exploring the Links Between CSR, Good Governance, and Corporate Reputation: A Proposal of Indicators in SMEs
The corporate image or brand image, is the set of beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that the public have about a company or brand. That is to say, it is the way in which that public interprets the set of signals coming from the products, services and communications, emitted by the brand.
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Cause-Related Marketing
the impression of the policies, personnel, and operations of a corporation that is imparted to its employees and the public.
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Communicating Socially Responsible Initiatives: New Incentives to Sustainable Development
The perception of a corporation held by the public, based on how it is portrayed through branding, public relations efforts, news media, stakeholders, employees, labor unions and consumer advocacy organizations. Companies invest a substantial portion of marketing and advertising dollars to build and maintain a positive corporate image, which is critical to their competitive standing ( ).
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