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What is Decision Rule

IT Auditing Using a System Perspective
Is the reaction expectation to an instance of specified conditions.
Published in Chapter:
Activity: Studying the IT Audit Area Controls
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 27
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4198-2.ch003
At inception, the study of control processes demands an IT auditor identify and relate applicable auditing standards to control activities. An IT audit controls study produces sufficient audit area documentation, demonstrating a comprehensive investigation concerning IT and related manual processes associated with the defined auditable units. Most business processes have control measures assisting in accomplishing the audit area's control objectives. Chapter 3 covers the IT audit study of control activity through presenting tasks addressing internal and external control systems, general and application controls, as well as laws and regulations. Additionally, Chapter 3 discusses the documentation of audit evidence.
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Decision Making by a Multiple-Rule Classifier: The Role of Rule Qualities
Decision rule is an element (piece) of knowledge, usually in the form of “if-then statement”: if then . If its Condition is satisfied (i.e., matches a fact in the corresponding database of a given problem), then its Action (e.g., classification or decision making) is performed.
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Expression and Processing of Inductive Queries
A rule of the form ‘if then ’, where is a Boolean combination of attribute tests and is the class assigned to an instance satisfying the conditions.
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Multimedia Representation
Automatically generated standards that indicate the relationship between multimedia features and content information.
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Machine Learning
A representation of knowledge in an IF-THEN form usually used for classification. If the condition of the rule is satisfied, then the example belongs to the class given in the conclusion.
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Languages and Tools for Rule Modeling
classic example of a knowledge representation method, rule corresponds to a conditional statement
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