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What is Demultiplexer

Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking, Second Edition
Also demuxer. Device or algorithm used to demultiplex.
Published in Chapter:
Multiplexing Digital Multimedia Data
Samuel Rivas (LambdaStream Servicios Interactivos, Spain), Miguel Barreiro (LambdaStream Servicios Interactivos, Spain), and Víctor M. Gulías (University of A Coruña, MADS Group, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-014-1.ch138
Multiplexing is the process of combining several independent signals to build another one from which it is possible to recover any of the original signals. This way, several sources of information can share one single transmission channel. The opposite operation is demultiplexing, or demuxing. Multiplexing devices are called multiplexers, or muxers. Demultiplexer devices are called demultiplexers, or demuxers. A multiplexed stream is usually called multiplex. For telecommunications, channel sharing usually aims for using one single physical channel to transmit several data streams. In multimedia, we assume an established digital data path, so a channel is a logical connection. The goal is to divide the complexity of digital multimedia systems in different access levels. For the example in Figure 1a, multiplex 1 hides the individual details of stream 1 and 2, and multiplex 2 adds a new access layer hiding the details of multiplex 1 and stream 3. A typical application of multiplexing is mixing individual audio and video streams to build a new single stream for transmission or storage.
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