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What is Dendrogram

Online Survey Design and Data Analytics: Emerging Research and Opportunities
A data visualization that shows clustered words in structured interrelationships as branches on a tree (may be horizontal or vertical).
Published in Chapter:
Using Computational Text Analysis to Explore Open-Ended Survey Question Responses
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8563-3.ch007
To capture a broader range of data than close-ended questions (often defined and delimited by the survey instrument designer), open-ended questions, such as text-based elicitations (and file-upload options for still imagery, audio, video, and other contents) are becoming more common because of the wide availability of computational text analysis, both within online survey tools and in external software applications. These computational text analysis tools—some online, some offline—make it easier to capture reproducible insights with qualitative data. This chapter explores some analytical capabilities, in matrix queries, theme extraction (topic modeling), sentiment analysis, cluster analysis (concept mapping), network text structures, qualitative cross-tabulation analysis, manual coding to automated coding, linguistic analysis, psychometrics, stylometry, network analysis, and others, as applied to open-ended questions from online surveys (and combined with human close reading).
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C-MICRA: A Tool for Clustering Microarray Data
A two-dimensional diagram illustrating the fusions or divisions made at each successive stage of hierarchical clustering.
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Clustering and Regression Analysis on COVID-19 in India Using Python
A type of tree diagram showing hierarchical clustering-relationships between similar sets of data.
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Customer Churn Reduction Based on Action Rules and Collaboration
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DSS Using Visualization of Multi-Algorithms Voting
Dendrogram is a method of presenting the classification of a hierarchical clustering algorithm.
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Amplifying Participant Voices Through Text Mining
A tree graph that attempts to reproduce the relative distance between all items (i.e., words) included in a cluster analysis.
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Applying Fuzzy Data Mining to Tourism Area
It is a graphical procedure for representing the output of a hierarchical clustering method. A dendrogram is strictly defined as a binary tree with a distinguished root that has all the data items as its leaves. Conventionally, all the leaves are shown at the same level of the drawing. The ordering of the leaves is arbitrary, as is their horizontal position. The heights of the internal nodes may be arbitrary, or may be related to the metric information used to form the clustering.
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