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What is Denial-of-Service (DOS) Attack

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition
A type of attack that intends to deprive legitimate users of access to services of a resource they would normally have.
Published in Chapter:
Security-Based Knowledge Management
Shuyuan Mary Ho (Syracuse University, USA) and Chingning Wang (Syracuse University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-026-4.ch540
As knowledge is recognized as intellectual (or intangible) assets that can enhance an organization’s competitive capability, how to effectively manage knowledge assets has become an important issue in the information age (Alavi, 2000). Literature in knowledge management (KM) emphasizes issues on knowledge creation, knowledge codification, knowledge sharing, and knowledge utilization; however, security perspectives on assuring knowledge confidentiality and knowledge integrity are left unaddressed. This article takes an initial step to address different perspectives of security centric knowledge management. This article first presents the background of security-based knowledge management. It then discusses sources of security threats in knowledge-based organizations and identi- fies challenges in four aspects of knowledge management practices, which are culture-based, strategy-based, contentbased (or standard-based), and technology-based, along with a discussion of 10 corresponding security domains. Real-world cases are intertwined with the challenges faced by knowledge-based organizations. This article ends with further envisioning the future trends of the security-based knowledge management.
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Can Total Quality Management Exist in Cyber Security: Is It Present? Are We Safe?
An assault on a service from a single source that floods it with so many requests that it becomes overwhelmed and is either stopped completely or operates at a significantly reduced rate.
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Online Social Networks Misuse, Cyber Crimes, and Counter Mechanisms
A denial of service (DoS) event is a cyber-attack in which hackers make a machine, online service, or network resource unavailable to its intended users.
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An Integrative Framework for the Study of Information Security Management Research
Attack that attempts to make a computer resource (e.g., Web servers, DNS servers, routers, and so on) unavailable to its intended users. Hackers run a program, such as a string of ping commands, that requires considerable amounts of the target’s resources, resulting in degradation or complete loss of services.
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Auditing Defense against XSS Worms in Online Social Network-Based Web Applications
It is a type of attack in which a machine or network resource is made unavailable to its users so as to make a host temporarily suspended on the network.
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